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Parentsapply FAQ.

Q. What is Parents Apply?

We are a small network of private schools of Delhi who are intent on making admissions hasslefree and paperless. We started this service in the year 2017-18.

Q. I have submitted the form through your website, how will I know if the school has received it or not?

Schools will usually take 3-5 working days to review your form. Upon review you will get a status update “Seen by school” by sms.

Q. Do I need to submit the printout of the form to the school?

No, you can just keep this for your records. No submission is required after this.

Q. Do I need to submit photographs or documents to the school?

No, not at this stage. When the schools call you for admission, you need to carry these documents in original to the school to match the data that you have submitted.

Q. I made a mistake while entering details in the form. How can I correct it?

You can only change child’s name, DOB and Address by sending an email to [email protected] with document proof for such a change. Upon verification, change will be done at our backend.

What does the status of my application mean?


: Application form has been submitted by you to the school, payment has been duly received. At this stage, the form is available on school’s personalised dashboard for their viewing.

Seen by School

: Application form has been reviewed by school and someone from school staff has changed the status to “Seen by school”. However note the following:
  1. Schools take 5-6 working days to review the forms since this is a manual process.
  2. Some schools may not choose to change this status at all. In that case please be rest assured that your form has reached the school.

Selected for Lottery

: Application form has been shortlisted for random draw of lots to be held by the school. Schools directly get in touch with parents and inform them about date and time. They may do so through their website or school notice board. Please get in touch directly with school closer to the declaration of 1st list for more details about lottery.

Submit Undertaking

: School requires you to submit an undertaking for either address proof, date of birth proof or any other kind. Schools generally do not take undertakings now, but incase they have marked this status, please get in touch with them.

1st List

: Your child’s name has appeared in the 1st List of admission. Contact school for next steps for admission and fee payment.

2nd List

: Your child’s name has appeared in the 2nd List of admission. Contact school for next steps for admission and fee payment.

3rd List

: Your child’s name has appeared in the 3rd List of admission. Contact school for next steps for admission and fee payment.


: Your child has been admitted to school with all verification and formalities completed.


: For some reason, your application form has been rejected by the school. This may happen for various reasons like age mis-match, duplicate form submitted by parent etc.